Heroku command grief

After installing Heroku on Ubuntu following I kept getting the following error when trying to use it on the command line: WARNING: Unable to verify SSL certificate for api.heroku.com To disable SSL verification, run with HEROKU_SSL_VERIFY=disable

I tried to Google it but found no results, I didn’t understand why it was occurring in the first place. To get around it though simply do as it says and type “HEROKU_SSL_VERIFY=disable” before you execute your command. For example $ HEROKU_SSL_VERIFY=disable heroku create

This works for executing that single line only. Either run $ export HEROKU_SSL_VERIFY=disable to save you adding it before each command for that session or just add it to the bottom your bashrc file to not have to worry about it again. $ vim ~/.bashrc # Add export HEROKU_SSL_VERIFY=disable to the bottom of the file


09 May 2011