Xcode path

G’day guys,

Hope no one else has this issue! I ran into an error installing nodejs via brew because my xcode setup was corrupted. I believe the problem was caused by me installing xcode commnand line tools and GCC from github.

The error I got was Error: Can't run /usr/bin/usr/bin/xcodebuild (no such file). when running brew install node --verbose.

I ran xcode-select --print-path to make sure it resolved to /usr/bin, which it was. So I then had a look at /usr/bin/xcodebuild and to my surprise it was not a binary file but a shell script! Which was appeneding usr/bin onto the path retrieved from --print-path!

The fix was to grab a copy of the binary from another machine (shit I know!) and stuff it back into /usr/bin overriding the bash script which I assume came from the GCC installer.

Note For the boxen users I was also getting this error nodenv: couldn't find any version specified for use when trying to interact with node on the command line. Not sure why the boxen node install didn’t blow up


10 Apr 2013