Garage sale

In the process of moving back to Australia I had to sell all the cruft I accumlated over the last year. Building on the static page I built in 2013 I wanted an easier way to sell of my stuff. I built a simple rails app integrated with Stripe making checkout easy for those interested.


Data structure and algorithm pop quiz in Python

While teaching myself Python, data structures and algorithms, and to avoid forgetting this new found knowledge I created this web-app where I can test myself. For each discovery a memory card is created with a problem and solution, however the solution is only displayed once you've attempted to work it out yourself.


Local gadget sale

In the process of moving to America I had a lot of cruft I needed to be rid of. I wanted an easy way to share an up-to-date list with friends, family and coworkers so I didn't have to repeat myself across various social channels. Made it somewhat responsive for the lawls